We supply all Forbo Krommerie products including our Marmoleoum range, safety aqua floors, designer floors etc.  We repair damaged and old floors under the health and safety act.  Marmoleum needs very little maintenance and will stay looking almost new throughout its long life.  Marmoleum flooring is recognised globally and is renowned as a very sustainable choice for your natural floor.





There is a Marmoleum Floor for you, whatever your style.  Please see below for our range of products;





  • Scala
  • Piano
  • Graphic
  • Acoustic
  • Decidel





  • Fresco
  • Real
  • Dual
  • Vivace



Allura Range

  • Forbo Unigue Floating Sub Floor Systems
  • Salon Tech Canyon
  • Borders and floor designs

Suppliers of Marmoleum Flooring

As marmoleum flooring specialists we sell and install the complete range of Forbo Krommerie brand flooring products including marmoleum, safety aqua floors and designer floors. We remove old flooring and install quality marmoleum flooring in its place.


We are trusted and certified sellers of Forbo manufactured floors and have been supplying their products for many years. As well as supplying and fitting marmoleum flooring we also provide a repair service on old and damaged floor surfaces, complying with the health and safety act.


Marmoleum flooring is a durable product that will stay looking fresh throughout its long life provided it is given a little care and attention. Among its many merits, marmoleum flooring is considered to be among the most environmentally friendly and sustainable floor coverings by many international ecological labels.


To reinforce the qualities of marmoleum flooring, many organisations in the healthcare and educational sectors have contracted us to supply them with this floor type. We have also supplied countless offices and domestic clients with marmoleum flooring throughout the years. 

Marmoleum Flooring Healthcare Industry


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Marmoleum Flooring

Natural and Durable Marmoleum Floors

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Marmoleum Flooring Dublin
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